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We cordially invite you to the Open Day at our 8-year Czech-English Montessori High School Duhovka, which will take place on February 16th, 2023.
On Friday, November 4, 2022, we enjoyed morning and afternoon Haloween activities organized by the Student Parliament and oktáva students for their classmates from prima to oktáva classes.
The traditional trip of the lower high school supplemented by great helpers from the Czech septima students, this time on the 2nd and 3rd Montessori Great Lessons - "The Coming of Life and The Coming of Human Beings".
On the afternoon of 27 June 2019, pupils from both the middle school and high school, together with their parents and class teachers M. Coufalová and D. Venclík, dressed in costumes according to different holidays, prepared thematic stalls, introduced visitors to the cultural differences in the celebration of holidays in different…
On 17 June and 19 June 2019, students of grades 2 and 3 (groups A and B) experienced non-traditional project-based learning in the field aimed at promoting place-based learning in the subject Geography with teacher Radka Nedbalová. They strengthed their relationship to the place where we live and where we are educated.
The project teaching called Travel Fair was preceded by a thorough preparation of the students of the Grade 4 in the subject Geography with their teacher Radka Nedbalová. The main activities included cooperation in small groups within the lessons, discussing ideas, discussions and preparing a presentation.