Eight-year full-time study

Eight-year full-time study

Open days will take place on Thursday 16 November 2023 and Tuesday 6 February 2024.


2023 Admission process

For the school year 2023/2024, we plan to admit 44 students (i.e. 2 classes - Prima A and Prima B) to Duhovka High School eight-year study program on the basis of the admission procedure. The admission procedure consists of the school part (40% of the total) and, according to the Decree, also of the state part (60% of the total - didactic tests in Czech language and Mathematics from Cermat). Each year, the director decides, in accordance with Section 60(2) and (3) of the Education Act, on the admission procedure and sets uniform criteria for applicants (see below).

For the school year 2023/2024, the dates have been set as follows in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Sports - 1st date on April 17, 2023 (first school on the application form), 2nd date on April 18, 2023 (second school on the application form). The oral part of the admission procedure will take place from April 24 - 28, 2023.


Application forms delivery

We do not require a medical certificate on the application form. It is possible to submit two application forms for the first round of admissions and indicate the order of priority of the schools on the application form. The application must be sent no later than March 1, 2023 by post to Ortenovo náměstí 1275/34, 170 00 Prague 7 - Holešovice; or delivered in person to the school office (to Mrs. Michaela Klabíková).

The application form can be downloaded from our website or provided by the elementary school. With the completed application form, please deliver the Student Questionnaire.

Application form   Student Questionnaire

School office

Admission criteria

Admission to the eight-year study program is open to pupils who have completed the 5th grade of elementary school. A duly filled application form must be submitted for admission.

The admission procedure consists of:

Written parts (Monday April 17 or Tuesday April 18, 2023)

  • state tests in Czech language and Mathematics (applicants can take the state tests on both dates - on the first date at the school listed first on the application form)
  • English test
  • personality questionnaire

Oral parts (on April 24-28, 2023)

  • an interview with a school psychologist to check academic aptitude
  • an oral test in English

Weighting of the different parts of the admission procedure:

  • State tests in Czech language and Mathematics (according to the Decree 30% + 30%) - 60% in total
  • English language exam (10% test, 10% oral part) - total 20%
  • Part with the school psychologist (9% interview, 10% personality questionnaire or verification of academic aptitude) - 19%
  • Transcript from previous education (up to an average of 2.0 on the half-yearly grade 5 assessment) - 1%

A maximum of 44 students will be admitted, i.e. 2 classes. Announcement of the results of the admission procedure 1st round - by law no later than 2 working days after the availability of the Cermat evaluation of applicants. The results will be posted anonymously under the registration number on the notice board in front of Duhovka High School, and will be published on the school website for at least 15 days. In the case of equal scores, the better English result will prevail. If a student is admitted to study following the admission procedure, his/her next obligation is to hand in his/her enrolment slip to the school within 10 working days of the admission decision being published on the school's website and also posted in printed form on the school's notice board. If he/she fails to submit the enrolment slip, the school assumes that they have enrolled at another school and may fill their place with the next applicant on the list.

Eight-year full-time study

2023/2024 Program for Grades 6 - 13

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Prague 7 - Holesovice
Czech-English Montessori education
concluded by Czech diploma with international IB Diploma option**

school year = 10 months

* Grades 10-11: plus CZK 20 000 / per academic year

** Grades 12-13: Czech-English Montessori education concluded by Full IB Program - plus CZK 15 000 / per academic year

Transfer to higher grade

We offer several vacancies in the upper grades. The contact person for transfer to higher grades is Ing. Tomáš Kučera, tomas.kucera@duhovkagymnazium.cz

Transfer process

  • Contact the school office to inform yourself about a vacancy in classes or to request a place on the waiting list.
  • If there is a vacancy, the applicant will take the tests for transfer (Czech language, Mathematics, English language, second foreign language) + personal interview with the school management and school psychologist.
  • If the test results are satisfactory, a five-day classroom observation is approved
  • An adaptation week/observation at school with a follow-up evaluation is a necessary part of the transfer.
  • Statement of admission/non-admission by the school director
  • Signing of the contract

What must be submitted to the school office in case of admission

  • A report from the school from which the student transfers (Grade 1 - 4 only)
  • Copy of the last transcript
  • Choice of a second foreign language (German or Spanish - from second year onwards)
  • Student questionnaire (available in the office)
  • Signed contract

Observation for interested students

If you are interested in attending a class, please contact the school office.

Equivalency exams

In the event of a transfer during the year/ after a placement abroad/ from a school with a different curriculum, the Director may require an equivalency exam. The student is informed in advance of the content and extent of the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily test the child's academic potential. Whether he/she will do well at our high school. The test shows the prerequisites for successful studies at a high school, is divided into several separate levels and focuses on the competences that are necessary for a student of high school, i.e. understanding of tasks, methods of solving conceptual and numerical relations, etc.

The interview with the psychologist focuses on the psychosocial maturity of the applicant and the verification of personal prerequisites for studying at a high school, whose education and values are based on the goals based on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. The sub-topics of the interview are: motivation to study, ability to work independently and cooperatively, willingness to take responsibility, ability to communicate and think in context, ability to navigate one's responsibilities.

The result in English represents 20% of the weight of the admission procedure. Our school is also manageable for students from state elementary schools.