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Eight-year Czech-English High School in Prague

Duhovka High School is a private Czech-English grammar school in Prague 7, offering eight-year full-time and four-year distance study. It uses the principles of Montessori pedagogy and is based on respect, cooperation and creativity. It connects individual subjects and grades through practical projects. A team of Czech and English-speaking teachers guide students to independence and personal responsibility.

We teach students to think in context and help them to recognize and develop their strengths. We believe we best prepare students for the future by stimulating their lifelong interest in learning and working on themselves. In our school, they experience a friendly, positive and open approach. Classes are divided into three phases - learning about the theory, practical application of the acquired information and defending and presenting the student’s own conclusions.

We want our students to be comfortable with themselves in the future, to be prepared for change and to know how to cope with things in life. Studies are completed with an internationally recognized IB diploma or Czech state diploma, depending on the student's choice.

How do we work


Teaching principles

The Duhovka High School offers its students a quality study program in an environment that promotes cooperation, creativity and the search for intrinsic motivation. Teachers are professionals with many years of experience who are open to students and their interests. We create a friendly and inspiring space for students to develop their skills and abilities.

Education in English

English lessons are built on the Czech grammar school curriculum combined with age-relevant literary texts. In the last two grades, students prepare for the internationally recognized IB diploma exams. Subjects are taught in both Czech and English. Students use English as a communication tool with their teachers and classmates.

IB Program

Duhovka High School is an IB World School and offers an academic program called the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Our school also shares a common philosophy with other IB World Schools - a commitment to a high quality, challenging, international education that we believe is important for our students.

Our programs

Eight-year full-time study

Our eight-year programme for children aged 11 to 19 is inspired by the Montessori method of education and employs student choice, working in age-mixed groups and connecting subjects in practical projects. Students take courses in both Czech and English with native speakers and consider English a natural communication tool.

Four-year distance study

This program, which allows you to study remotely in eight blocks of classes combined with homework, is an ideal way to supplement your high school education. The programme includes an individual pace for students, who are accompanied by teachers in the form of consultations. Studies are completed with the Czech graduation exam (maturita). Our distance students are very successful and many of them go on to study at university.

High school for the future

  • Subjects in English with English native speakers
  • Experts in Montessori pedagogy
  • Three-phase teaching that awakens a students' deeper interest
  • Age and subject integration
  • Partnership approach to students and parents
  • Prepared study environment and study guides
  • Choice as the basic principle
  • Friendly and respectful environment
  • Pastoral care system
  • Creative activities and manual work
  • Micro-economic projects
  • Support for volunteer and environmental projects
  • The choice between the Czech and internationally recognized IB graduation

School Mission

"We help our students discover and develop their overt and hidden talents, encouraging their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities. Our goal is for Duhovka graduates to be well-balanced individuals who carry a lifelong love for education, navigate a changing world, are ready to face challenges and have a desire to build a better world."

News from the High School

We’ve launched an information website presenting our intention to build a new building on Duhovka Elementary’s premises for a four-year and eight-year high school.