Project lesson: Orientation with a map around Prague

On 17 June and 19 June 2019, students of grades 2 and 3 (groups A and B) experienced non-traditional project-based learning in the field aimed at promoting place-based learning in the subject Geography with teacher Radka Nedbalová. They strengthed their relationship to the place where we live and where we are educated. Pupils went to places such as the National Museum, Karolinum, Municipal House, National Gallery, etc. The assignment was planned in such a way that pupils could work in the field on their own, without the help and intervention of adults to experience and perceive in a relatively short time the pitfalls of travelling by public transport, agree on the choice of the shortest / fastest / most comfortable route and use appropriate means of orientation (map, GPS). They collected information about the searched for object directly in the field (memorial plaque, leaflets, etc.). They took notes, completed worksheets, completed tasks and returned to school on time to inform others about their findings and share their feelings, impressions and experiences.