Project lesson: Travel fair

The project teaching called Travel Fair was preceded by a thorough preparation of the students of the Grade 4 in the subject Geography with their teacher Radka Nedbalová. The main activities included cooperation in small groups within the lessons, discussing ideas, discussions focused on choosing an attractive place in the Czech Republic for a trip, searching for materials, providing practical details, preparing a presentation and making leaflets for visitors of the "Travel Fair".

On June 12, 2019, the students organized a project afternoon called "Travel Fair". They independently prepared stands and offered the visitors to the fair (parents of students, other classmates, students from other classes and teachers) their own tours to various interesting destinations in the Czech Republic. The fair visitors evaluated their offer, materials and form of presentation according to predefined rules that they were given at the stands. Each visitor was given 2 tickets which they handed over to the group whose tour they liked the most. The tour that received the most tickets was undertaken by the students as part of the June trips.