Duhovka High School ERASMUS PLAN

We want to fulfill 6 goals:

  • Increase the English language level of all school staff (English courses abroad from B1 level)
  • Development of linguistic, methodological and didactic competences of foreign language teachers (for German and Spanish teachers who are Czech native speakers)
  • Professional competences development of teachers of general education subjects (courses, workshops, job shadowing)
  • Development of key competences of IB teachers (job shadowing, courses, workshops)
  • Setting up systemic cooperation with Montessori schools from programme countries (job shadowing, conferences, networking)
  • Development of the project teaching method and cooperative learning through cooperation with schools from the programme countries (group trips within small year-long projects - only in cooperation with a school abroad)

Priorities (quality standards) that we have to meet:

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Environmental sustainability and responsibility
  • Digital learning (virtual collaboration, virtual mobility and combined mobility)
  • Active involvement in networks of Erasmus+ organizations

We look forward to annual trips abroad for staff and students to experience and learn!

Ellina Horalíková, project coordinator