Suitable courses were selected according to the content, intensity and practical focus of the training, the quality and experience of the lecturers, the use of modern methods and the possibility of follow-up consultations and contacts with methodologists. In addition to CLIL, project-based learning and cooperative learning methods, the teachers practiced their language skills, received training in the use of appropriate methods, modern technologies, lesson planning, making their own teaching aids and practicing the use of specific vocabulary.

Through the acquired competences, the mobility participants contribute to the development of bilingual teaching in most areas in the school and help to develop the concept of systematic introduction of subjects taught in AJ. All teachers have established contacts with colleagues from other European countries to be able to use them for their students in follow-up joint international projects and to support the education of pupils towards multiculturalism and Europeanism.

Participation in mobilities helped to stabilize the school's teaching team. A stable team better and more effectively implements the development of the Montessori and IB Diploma programme and links these concepts to the existing curriculum. In addition, some of the staff will gain valuable practical experience directly in the environment of successful European schools, which they will apply in the development of a unique grammar school programme based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy and in the internal training process for other teachers of the school.

Ellina Horalíková, Project Coordinator