Democratic culture development at the Duhovka High School

Project registration number:

From September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2023 the High School Duhovka will implement a project financially supported by the European programme OP Prague - Growth Pole of the Czech Republic (Call 58), which will help to create a democratic climate in the school, promote democratic culture (DC), contribute to social cohesion, understanding and respect for socio-cultural diversity.

The project will design, evaluate and pilot a comprehensive school programme that, through interconnected activities, will strengthen the school's capacity to continuously assess its own democratic culture and develop it in all areas aimed at leadership, teachers, pupils and parents.

At the beginning of the project, internal documents are prepared within the framework of teamwork on the basis of questionnaire surveys and SWOT analysis:

  • Analysis of DK in the school
  • Action plan for the development of DK for the school year 2021/22 and 2022/23  

The project supports: 

  • Cooperation of subject committee leaders within the PLT (Pedagogical Leading Team),
  • Collaboration and mutual support of the class teachers team, the Pastoral Care team
  • Setting up, implementing and evaluating tripartite meetings in the Grades 1-4
  • the work of the School Parliament,
  • CAS team collaboration and volunteering,
  • the implementation of cross-curricular themes through project-based learning and cross-curricular collaboration (autumn and June project trips, professional conference, adaptation course and Prima Week),
  • training of the implementation team (planning, team leadership, communication),
  • Teacher training through workshops, peer-to-peer meetings, training days.
Project products:
  1. Mapa demokratických kompetencí
  2. Velké výstupy gymnázia, Příručka k IB studiu
  3. Projektová výuka na Gymnáziu Duhovka
  4. Příručka k personal reflection, Příručka k tripartitám, Web pro TU