“On the one hand, the school is perceived as a stable institution that should form a bridge between generations and anchor students in society and culture. We see Duhovka as a place that develops civic attitudes, upholds the values of the liberal world and teaches responsibility for the commuity we send our children to. On the other hand, the school should instill "21st century skills" in students and help children become people who know how to behave in situations for which no one has prepared them.

Duhovka High School stands on a solid foundation of pedagogical research, proven practice and the Montessori philosophy. The teacher is primarily an activator of learning, not just a transmitter of knowledge. We do not promote a single correct view or a single narrative that works for every student, every time. There are many things where consensus cannot be reached, the individuality of students does not even allow for it. There are many instances where the approach of a good school evolves and changes as students, teachers, and the world around them changes.

If we really want to know what is happening, we need a plurality of stories. We arel be delighted when you feel that your story is one of many that are taking place in your school. We would be delighted if you continued to share it with us and helped us to continually assist the school to fulfill its mission.”

Ivana Janečková, Co-founder of Duhovka High School

Duhovka High School
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