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Frequently Asked Questions


How would you describe Montessori approach applied at your high school?

We use time-proven components of the Montessori approach such as a prepared learning environment, mixed age groups, the connection of theory with scientific experiments, project based learning, self-reliance with the option to choose during the learning process, interdisciplinary overlap with other subjects, volunteering, simulating of real life situations, and many other elements.


Alternative styles in education are known to refuse the testing of students and drilling. How do you guarantee that your students will succeed in passing university examinations?

We cannot make any guarantee, it all independs on the motivation and choosen aims of each student.The vast majority of our graduates continue their studies at university. Some of them even choose foreign colleges and universities. To prepare, we give our students the maximum individual support. We belive that our educational approach (with an emphasis on independence, working with information, planning)  will prepare them for the style of education they will encounter in higher studies.


What does it mean in practice that you are a Czech-English school? Must a child already know English when entering the school?

Students should have English at a good level of communication when entering our high school, but our school is open to children from the Czech environment and current state primary schools.

English plays a key role in Duhovka. It is not only a foreign language, but the language of communication - the language in which a part of the student’s education takes place. We follow an individual approach, our curriculum is prepared for students who come from ordinary Czech elementary schools and for children with bilingual backgrounds. Lessons are taught by both qualified native speakers and by Czech teachers and their structure reflects the needs of individual students, ie. Some students consolidate basic language skills and grammar while the advanced students focus on familiarization with English literature, essay writing or creative writing principles.

First grade subjects are partly taught in English, in the course of study the number and weight of subjects taught in English grows.


What do you consider to be the most important thing in the educational process at Duhovka high school?

Complex personal growth in a cultured environment, where students are not afraid to express their opinions, they are active and self-confident in their learning and also beyond it. Teachers are not only mentors, but particularly partners. That is something we also bring the parents of our students into. If there is cooperation between students, the school, and parents, we can achieve great things as teachers. In the Montessori approach the open relationship of students to the school is absolutely essential. Our school is partly created by our students, who participate in its development. Students, who want to think critically, defend their attitudes and respect others are welcomed at our high school.


Can a student from another school transfer to Duhovka during the school year?

Yes, it is possible. If there is a spot in a given classroom. The condition to transfer is the successful completion of transfer tests and one week of observations in the classroom where the candidate becomes familiar with the school organization.


Is the school suitable for students who do not come from a Montessori environment?

Yes, we make sure that, at the beginning of the student’s time at Duhovka, they have plenty of time to get used to the environment and to understand how the school operates. For students who come from a Montessori environment, adaptation is easier.


How do I prepare my child for the entrance exams?

This year, even Duhovka must take into account the state testing law - Czech language and mathematics will make up 60% of the total score.

Our goal is to welcome motivated students with the potential to study at a Czech-English high school. To recognize this potential we focus on the school entrance examinations (40% weight). Therefore we do recommend candidates focus on the development of English skills, but otherwise we do not think that the child should spend the first half of the fifth grade doing test preparation. That is why we do not organize any exam preparation ourselves.


Do you have another question? Please don't hesitate to ask us at [javascript protected email].

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