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About us

Education Plan


We offer a bilingual eight-year study program concluded with an international baccalaureate (first graduates in 2021) as well as the Czech final exams (maturita). We are inspired especially by the pedagogical principles of Marie Montessori which support and respect the individual development of the child as well as cooperation among children in a group. Our goal is to teach children how to think in context and how to build their skills, not only their knowledge. We hope to instill developed critical thinking in our graduates, to make them feel satisfied with who they are and capable of making their own way through life. We expect our students not only to continue their studies at university but also to be interested in lifelong education and to never stop working on themselves.

We aim to establish a friendly and open atmosphere at the school for the students to enjoy and to teach them tolerance and responsibility for their own behavior and decisions. In teaching, we prefer methods that focus on getting students interested in education, the development of their motivation to learn, and the growth of personality qualities.

The Educational Program of Duhovka High School combines the requirements of the Czech high school curriculum with international programs. We follow the standards of “Cambridge International Examinations” (prima to sexta) and the IB Diploma program (the last two years of the program). Subjects are taught both in Czech and in English (by certified native English speakers). Our curriculum respects the balance of language, social sciences and the exact elements of the study plan which also includes a wide range of optional subjects.

We ensure that studies and practical life are interwoven and students work on their projects with external supervisors. They also undertake internships at various companies. Studies also include a wide range of attractive curricular and extracurricular activities - an adaptation course for prima students, international projects, ski trips, trips with canoes and kayaks, expeditions, afternoon clubs and many more activities are available.

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