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Externí projekty a spolupráce


Učitel naživo

Duhovka High School is an important partner school in Učitel naživo project. Teach Live is a one-year or two-year training course for future teachers. The students gain their self-confidence to teach through extensive practical placements, workshops or through sharing their experience. Duhovka High School is one of the training schools where students attend their teaching placements. Throughout the whole school year students attend their placements once a week during selected lessons while observing methods of teaching, assisting and teaching both in pairs and independently under the supervision of their accompanying teacher.

You will find more information about the project on the website and also on Facebook.


The “Improving the Educational Process and Supporting the Integration of Students from a Foreign Language Environment“ Project Co-Financed by the European Union 

Duhovka High School is involved in the Operational Program Research, Innovation and Education – Call 42, which is aimed at Improvement of the Quality of Education and Results of Pupils in Key Competences. Our project is aimed at pupils coming from a foreign language environment. The project focuses on helping students adapt to the Czech environment, develop study habits and on working closely with their family during this process.

It has made use of the possibility to obtain funding through the so called templates. The project is aimed at supporting pupils from a foreign language environment who are facing school failure on grounds of the different socio-cultural environment. The project will enable us to fund a school assistant who will become involved in the process of building a mutual relationship and understanding the needs both of the student and the school.


CTM - Centrum pro talentovanou mládež, z.s.

Since 2015 our school has collaborated with Center for Talented Youth (CTM) which offers a unique and attractive program of online courses in English for students in the Czech Republic and Europe. At this point in time there are 5 our students enrolled in online courses and we believe that their number will increase in the future.

You will find more information about the project on the website and also on Facebook.

Please follow the link with current information regarding registration to CTM Online winter session.


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