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For Students

Canteen and Meals


1. Jez!koncept  in our NEW Lunchroom

(located on 2nd floor of our school)

As of April 2018 we have completed the successful renovation of the premises for the purpose of serving quality food from Jez! Koncept.

You can find a Jez!koncept presentation here.

Application form here.

And "How does it all work?"

The presentation here will guide you how to create your account, order and cancel lunch and other important information!

Bon Appetit!




2. Salads from Puzzle Salads

Students and teachers can order salads using an online system. The salads can be picked up every day from 11am in the Respirium. There is always the student´s name written on the container. More information about the offer and salad composition at

3. Canteen Ertus

Canteen is about 200 m from the school (Jankovcova 933/63, Praha 7)

  • Every day, there is a choice of five meals and two soups (each meal consists of a soup, a main and dessert - fruit or salad).
  • The menu for the following week is published on Thursdays here (it is possible to choose meals for the whole week at once).
  • Lunches are always available at 12.45.
  • Account number: 43-8024310237/0100
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