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For Applicants


Eight-year study program

We offer a bilingual eight-year study program concluded with an international certificate as well as the Czech maturity exam. We are inspired mainly by the pedagogical principles of Marie Montessori which support and respect the individual development of the child and cooperation among children in a group.

Our goal is to teach children how to think in context and how to build their skills, not only their knowledge. We hope to instill developed critical thinking in our graduates; to make them feel satisfied with who they are and capable of making their own way through life. We expect our students not only to continue their studies at a university but also to be interested in life-long education and to never stop working on themselves.

We aim to establish a friendly and open atmosphere at the school for the students to enjoy and to teach them tolerance and responsibility for their own behavior and decisions. In teaching, we prefer methods that focus on getting students interested in education, the growth of personality qualities and the development of their motivation to learn. On average, there are twenty students in a class.

The Educational Program of Duhovka High School combines the requirements of the Czech high school syllabus with international programs. We follow the standards of “Cambridge International Examinations” (first to sixth year) and the IB Diploma programme (last two years of the study program). Subjects are taught both in Czech and in English (by certified native English speakers). Our curriculum respects the balance of language, social sciences and the exact elements of the study plan which also includes a wide range of optional subjects.

We ensure that student studies and practical life are interwoven and students work on their projects with external supervisors. They also undertake internships at various companies.

Studies also include a wide range of attractive curricular and extracurricular activities - an adaptation course for first grade students, international projects, ski trips, trips with canoes and kayaks, bouldering, expeditions, exchange study programs at foreign schools, hobby groups and many more.


Dear applicants,

We cordially invite you to the 2nd day of our Czech-English Montessori Duhovka (8 years) High School OPEN DAYS, which will take place on February 4, 2021.

  • 10:00 - 10:30 Online meeting with the school management I. - link here
  • 16:00 - 16:30 Online meeting with the school management II. - link here
  • 17:00 - 18:00 - Tour the school (physically at Ortenovo náměstí 1275/34, Prague 7)
  • Individual online interview with the school director - link to book a time slot here

We look forward to your visit - whether physically or online! Duhovka High School


Admission criteria for the school year 2021/2022

Since the 2016-2017 school year, each student applying to study at a high school ending with a final exam (maturita) must take a didactic test in Czech language and mathematics. The didactic text from CERMAT company must be assigned the minimum value of 60 % of the admissions process by the Director. The other half of the Admissions Process is organized by the school.

In accordance with § 60 paragraph 2 and 3 of Education Act, the School Director has made a decision about the entrance exams that will be part of the Admissions Process and he set the individual criteria for applicants to the 1st grade of 8-year study (79-41-K/81) for the 2021 – 2022 School Year. According to a decree issued by the Ministry of Education, the first date of the unified entrance exam is set for April 14, 2021 (the school that is listed first on the Application Form), the second date is set for April 15, 2021 (the school that is listed second on the application form).

Submission of Application Forms

A medical report does not need to be part of the application. In the first round of the Admissions Process, each student may submit two Application Forms and list the schools on the form according to priority. The Application Form must be sent via post to the following address: Ortenovo náměstí 34, 170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice; or submitted in person in the office (Mrs. Klabíková) on March 1, 2021 at the latest.

The Application form can be downloaded here or collected from the elementary school.

Student´s questionnaire can be downloaded here or collected by our high school.

Criteria of Admission

Students participate in the Admissions Process to an 8-year study after they complete 5th grade of an elementary school. The Application Form must be properly filled in.

The Admissions Process consists of two parts:

1) A written part (April 14th or April 15th 2021)

  • State tests in Czech language and mathematics (state tests may be taken on both dates (students take the test at a school that is listed first on the Application Form on the first date)
  • Test in English
  • Personality questionnaire

2) An oral part (will be specified)

  • Interview with a psychologist who assesses study prerequisites
  • Oral part in English

The value of the individual parts is as follows:

  1. Results of the state tests in Czech and Math (30% + 30%) – 60% overall (according to the decree)
  2. The result of the interview with a psychologist (assessment of study prerequisites) – 19%
  3. Evaluations from previous school (up to the average grade 2 on the 5th grade midterm evaluation) – 1%
  4. Exam in English (10% written and 10% oral part) – 20%

Maximum of 44 students (i.e. 2 classes) will be admitted. Results of the 1st round of the Admissions Process will be announced within 2 working days after being published by the Center at the latest (as set forth by law).

The results will be put up on a noticeboard in front of the building anonymously using registration numbers. Moreover, they will be published on the school’s website for a minimum of 15 days. In case several students achieve equal results, the number of points scored in English will be the deciding factor.

Should a student be admitted, he/she must submit the “zápisový lístek” (a form provided by your elementary school) within 10 working days after the Decision of Admission is published on the website and put up on the high school noticeboard. In case the applicant does not submit the “zápisový lístek”, the school assumes that he/she has enrolled in another school and his/her place may be offered to another applicant.

Organizational Provisions

The applicant shall arrive 15 minutes before the written part of the entrance exam begins at the latest (the time will be specified on the invitation to the entrance exams). In case the applicant is ill or has another serious reason that makes it impossible for him/her to participate in the exams on the date set, having received an excuse, the Director will provide the applicant with an alternative date. Students with special educational needs who provide a report from a Pedagogical Psychological Center shall be granted extra time.

The date of the second part (interviews) will be scheduled by the office manager M. Klabíková with the applicants individually. An interview between the parents and the founder of the school and school management is also part of the second half of the Admissions Process. This interview is not being evaluated and does not influence the result of the Admissions Process.

Questions and answers

What do the admission exams at Duhovka test?

We mainly test the academic potential of the child; whether the child will flourish at the high school.  The test shows qualifications for successful studies at the high school and it is divided into several autonomous planes; it focuses on competences necessary for a high-school student, i.e. on understanding tasks, as well as on various ways of solving tasks, conceptual and numerical relations, etc.

Why does the admissions procedure include an interview with a psychologist?

The interview with the school psychologist focuses on the psycho-social maturity of the candidate and on verification of their personality qualification to study at a high school where education and values are based on goals stemming from Marie Montessori pedagogic principles. The interview features the following topics: study motivation, ability to work independently and to cooperate, willingness to bear one's responsibilities, communication and contextual thinking skills and the ability to orientate oneself in one's duties.

What role does English play? Can I get to Duhovka from a public school?

English results represent only 20% of value in the admission procedure. Our school is available to students from public elementary schools.

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