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Distance education

Private Duhovka High school offers distance education finished by a full leaving examination with a high-school diploma.

This form of studies is ideal for situations such as completing higher education during employment and is based on two-day consultations held six times a year. The courses are organized into two-hour sessions during which students familiarize themselves with an overview of topics, literature and completion requirements.

As well as all common means of electronic communication and information technologies, students have the opportunity of individual consultations with teachers together with the possibility of participating in all classes of all compulsory elective subjects.

For each semester the distance students must pass an examination in all compulsory subjects (excluding Art and Physical Education). Compulsory elective subjects are classified on the basis of semester papers. Our individual approach and forms of study always respect the job-related responsibilities of employed students.

Distance studies consist of the following compulsory subjects: Czech Language and Literature, two world languages, Introduction to Social Sciences and Civic Studies, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technologies, Art and Physical Education. The school offers the following compulsory elective subjects in the form of seminars: Czech and Czech Literature, world languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Geography.

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