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For Applicants 2017/18

Duhovka High School fees for 2019/2020 academic year


7th-11th GRADE

12th-13th GRADE

4 years Distance Education

Czech-English Montessori education concluded by Czech and International diploma


CZK 164,000 /
academic year*

Czech-English Montessori education concluded by Czech and International diploma


CZK 160,000 /
academic year

Czech-English Montessori education concluded by Czech diploma


CZK 80,000 /
academic year

includes education concluded by Czech diploma


CZK 28,000 /
academic year


Tuition and discount information

New 6th GRADES 2019

*The tuition fee applies for the Lower High School (6th-9th Grade). When moving up to the Upper High School (10th-13th), the tuition will be increased by 20,000 CZK more per academic year.

Sibling Discount

In the case of enrollment of more than one child in Duhovka Educational System, you will receive a sibling discount. The amount of 20,000 CZK per every other child (sibling).


The Duhovka Education System offers a possibility to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship may contribute towards the tuition as well as towards other fees.  For more information, please contact the school director.

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